Is It Safe to Buy a Used Car Seat

People are always looking for bargain, especially in these tight financial times. While we all realize that a car seat is a necessary expense to provide for a child’s safety, no one can be blamed for wanting to do it on a budget, especially if the used car seat they’re considering looks good on casual inspection.

In addition, those of us with environmental concerns often favor recycling and getting as much use out of something as possible rather than discarding it when it still has useful life.


However, we are dealing with the child’s safety here. No one wants to take any unnecessary risks. The usual recommendation is not to buy a used car seat. That may be a little harsh as a blanket recommendation. I think there are times when it’s okay to buy a used car seat, but you need to be very careful. Here’s some things to keep in mind.

First, only consider car seats that appear to be in excellent condition. Reject anything with any cracks, discoloration of the plastic, missing parts, etc.

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It’s a plus if the original instruction manual is available as well, although you can usually get that online. Make sure you can before you buy. It’s very important that you install the car seat correctly.

Car seats do have a limited life span. Most of them are made out of sturdy plastic and padded with foam to provide protection. Over time, the plastic and foam both deteriorate. The plastic shell becomes stiff and brittle and may not withstand a crash. The foam becomes stiff and won’t offer the padding and protection it did when new.

Also, manufacturers and regulators continually upgrade the performance requirements for car seats as real-world results come in from examining what happened in car crashes involving children. An older car seat may have met past safety requirements, but not the current ones.

Most reputable manufacturers put an expiration date on their car seats. Typically this will be 5 to 6 years. Since they tend to be on the conservative side (I suspect both because they don’t want to be sued car seat under-performed in an accident and also because they wouldn’t mind selling you another car seat sooner rather than later), it might be okay to buy a car seat in excellent condition that year or two past the expiration date. Obviously, I can’t recommend that. You should respect the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that on occasion car seats have been recalled because various problems came up once they were in widespread use. You certainly don’t want to buy one of those car seats so be sure to check online or with the manufacture to be certain that the car seat you’re considering is not I’m a recall list.

If the labels are missing and you’re not certain what the make and model of the car seat is, don’t even consider buying it.

You also need to be careful about buying a car seat from someone you don’t know, for example at a garage sale or a flea market. In those situations you won’t know the history of the car seat. Car seats that have been in a significant accident need to be discarded. The stress of the accident may have weakened the car seat and it’s anchors sufficiently that they won’t hold up in a second accident. When you buy from someone you don’t know, you have no idea what the history of the car seat is. It’s a different matter when you gain a car seat from your next-door neighbor or family member.

With these tips in mind it may be reasonable to buy a used car seat. But if you can’t find one that meets this criteria, keep in mind that even the least expensive new car seat meets contemporary safety standards. The differences in price usually relate more to convenience and accessory features rather than performance.

Importance of a Travel Bed When Travelling With Baby

Babies always need nap whether you are far away on a vacation or just staying at home after long day of play. Children enjoy sleep more than anything else, and as a mother, it is your duty to provide the most comfortable place for them to get the best sleep they desire. One of the best ways to make this possible is by providing the best sleeping place for your child. Usually, children get cranky and very irritable when tired and unable to sleep properly.

If you are always on the go, the right toddler travel bed will save you a lot of headache and stress by providing the best comfortable place for your child to sleep while both of you are on the road. When you are travelling with your baby, a travel bed can provide such a great atmosphere for the overall comfort of your child. It can be set up almost anywhere, whether outdoor or in your living room.
Importance of a Travel Bed When Travelling With Baby
It can be easily assembled and dismantled whenever necessary. The right travel bed will make it very easy for you to check up on your child when sleeping and wind up when your child is awake. However, before you settle for a travel bed, it is important to look at their features and select the one that appropriately matches your needs. Most travel beds have similar designs but they can be differentiated by their features. Some have more features than the others and some are specifically suited to certain ages of children.

The ideal travel bed should have a lot of handy options when you are on the move with your baby. The right kids travel bed will definitely make your vacation an enjoyable one. They are made in a way that the inflatable mattress will protect your child from wetness and cold breeze of the beach or campsite.
With the right travel bed, you can have easy access and easy view of your child from different angles because of the zippered panels. They are easy to fold, light and very easy to use, which eliminates most of the problems parents encounter when going out on vacation with their babies.

They are also designed with washable materials and crafted with baby safe materials. It is always a good thing to know that your kid is receiving the best comfort when you both are on the road. Interestingly, one product to make this happen is a travel bed for kids. Whenever you are ready to buy one for your baby, make sure to settle for the most ideal one for your child’s overall comfort.

Top Best Toddler Bed Designs 2016

Every year there are top rate toddler travel bed designs that tops the list for the best in quality, in design and color choice. 2015 is not an exception and the toddler beds topping this year are as follows:

Top Best Toddler Bed Designs
Source: Elevist

1. Dream on me Elora toddler bed with storage drawer

This bed comes in extra storage space in two drawers built into the base providing excellent storage room for clothes, toys, bedding etc. The price range is moderate considering other options that range the same and have the same style and quality. It accommodates children until the age of 5 years old.

2. Dream on me classic toddler bed

The price is one remarkable thing that makes this bed a classic in 2015. It is least expensive bed in the whole list of toddler beds. It is as affordable as a travel bed. For families that are price conscious, this is the best option to go for.It’s firm and steady and does not fall short of the required standard.

3. Da Vinci Sleigh toddler bed

It is one of the beds with great value and style. It has an antique design that hardly gets outdated. It has safety rails squaring the sides with slender lines at the headboard and footboard that makes it look midcentury. It offers a great price for a bed that will serve many little ones over the many years it remains in a family. This is a long-lasting bed that is passed on to many generations and can be sold in thrift markets to continue its use in other families, in short it is simply durable and affordable.

4. Kidkraft Boat Toddler Bed

Little captains sail their boat in their sweet dreams. These beds are mostly designed with boys in mind but there is no way a girl cannot sail it too. It is built in a ship design with safety rails cut out and level shaped storage for a footboard. It fits the normal crib mattress that other cribs uses so no need to worry.

5. The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Travel Bed

This inflatable toddler bed is small enough to fit in a backpack when deflated. It has a whole lot of great features into one small package including the electric pump that comes with it. The bed is easy to inflate in its full size of about 60 x 38 inches in less than a minute. When inflated, its walls are designed to protect the child from rolling onto the floor in their sleep. It is one of the most affordable beds.

6. The Princess Toddler bed

Girls are obsessed with becoming princesses, since their very young days. This bed comes in bright pink color and crowns on top of each of its four posts, the head and footboard. This bed allows the use of a crib mattress and supports up to 50 pounds maximum weight. It is for use in the very first years of their royal life.

7. Davinci Elizabeth II convertible toddler bed

This bed can serve your toddler for a lifetime because this bed can be reconfigured into a full size bed with a few additional parts. It is a lifetime investment when it comes to saving up for a toddler bed.

8. Kidkraft Modern Toddler bed

This modern bed tends to blend in well with most decors either seamlessly matching the creativity of a modern theme or adding news ideas to a classic design. It is an elegant simple bed with classic features. It has a bench at the footboard that can be used as a shelf for toys, books, blankets or as a fine seat for your child plays or reads. It fits the crib mattress as well so no extra expenses.

9. Regalo My cot Toddler bed

This is a great bed that perfectly saves the family from trouble during vacation, or when the baby’s room is being painted, or when camping. The toddler is comfortable at all times allowing everyone to enjoy the new environment. It folds up small enough to fit a closet or even a large cabinet, yet when opened up it measures 48” x 26”. It is very affordable the more reason you should buy one for your toddler to leave it in the grandparents’ house.

Today’s innovation present families with different options to choose something that fits them from color to design, it is hard not to find one that fits you perfectly. This makes shopping so much easy and fun!

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